Friday, April 21, 2017

#7 Game of Pawns

“Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors”- Beethoven
I’ve always lived with the philosophy that I should never second guess myself. An outside observer could question my actions since I met Guillermo but I have no regrets. I like to live my life like a pawn. Only moving forward, never moving back. I try and follow my path in a straight line as best I can, though I have had some crooked moves like when I first visited that pawn shop. Anyways, I have to keep going on without questioning my past and I should, in theory, become a queen.
While the whole town was invested in their cleaning business, I decided to pitch in. Well, I guess I cleaned in a different way. Guillermo and I, the local kleptomaniacs, cleaned up and down The Victorian while the city cleaning was going on. We were stealing everything we could find, a bag of cash from Sophie Stone’s apartment, some booze from Baker’s room, we were making good time hitting every apartment up until the third floor. Then Guillermo kept lookout while I bashed in apartment #309.
It was I, the one busting into the apartment, that screamed and not Hal, the one sitting in his own home. I was caught red-handed. Thoughts of spending my life in jail, living in a 5’ by 5’ cell were flashing through my mind. But it seemed that Hal was not thinking about sending me to jail. Looking into Hal’s cool grey eyes, it seemed that he may not be thinking about anything. The eyes darted up to meet my eyes, then returned back to the chessboard in front of him.
“Your move,” he said.
I inched back out of the room keeping my eyes on Hal, yet he never returned my gaze. He was deep in thought in his game of chess, carefully thinking through every possible move he could make. I, on the other hand, was at a loss for my next move. Maybe I had reached the end of the board. Maybe this was the time to switch pieces, and make my next move in any direction I want.

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